If you don't have control of your DATA, then you don't have control of your business.

Rubi! is designed on the "Fortress" model, as opposed to the "Cloud" model. Rubi! runs on servers that you own, or control. This means that you always have access to all of Rubi!'s underlying data. You don't have to ask a vendor for ad-hoc queries, data exports, new reports, or anything else data related. You don't have to ask a vendor for permission to access your data. You have it all. You know where it is. It's close, and quick to access.

The larger your clinic, the more likely you already have a local server running, to handle all the networking tasks that come with running a clinic. Rubi! runs on the Windows Server OS family, and there's a good chance it will run on what you already have, which means there's no capital expenditure.

Rubi! has tons of amazing, labor saving features that no other EMR has! After taking the screen-capture tour your doubts will be heading for the morgue, as you shout "Shut up and take my money!"

Rubi! Screen Capture Tour

Rubi! Design Notes and Requirements

Client Web Portal Screen Capture Tour